About Us

Welcome to Kootenay Clean Air

“Your Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning Specialists”

Locally owned and operated in Cranbrook BC and Castlegar BC, Kootenay Clean Air provides professional and certified HVAC cleaning services. We are dedicated to improving your homes’ and businesses’ indoor air quality. We offer the most technologically advanced cleaning equipment, certified and trained technicians and the most revolutionised air filtration products.

The quality of “Indoor Air” in both residential and commercial buildings, plays an important role in health and well being. Between work and home, we spend approximately 80% of our time indoors. Therefore, it is important to understand and maintain the quality of air we breathe inside everyday. Poor indoor air quality has been known to cause short-term health effects such as chronic headaches, eye, throat and skin irritation and can also cause constant fatigue. Long-term health effects of poor indoor air quality can be more serious such as: respiratory disease and/or cancer.

Over time, airborne pollutants can build up in our home and business air duct systems. These pollutants can vary from dust, rodent feces, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), pet hair/dander and household chemicals. Our furnace and air conditioning units work together with a fan (blower) to constantly distribute air throughout our home. If our air ducts are contaminated with these pollutants, the indoor air we are breathing will likely be contaminated as well.

Kootenay Clean Air specializes in removing these pollutants from your furnace and air duct system using an advanced highly-effective cleaning process with above industry standard cleaning equipment. With every cleaning process, we offer our customers a before and after picture focusing on the inside of the ducts which is documented in the sales order form. We also have the ability to show all of our customers what has come out of their furnace and air duct system by unveiling the remains onsite at the KCA Exploratory Bin located on our trucks. Over the years, you could only imagine what home owners have discovered while witnessing this feature which is offered by Kootenay Clean Air!

We are experts in customer service, industry knowledge and can ensure that every job is completed safely and effectively, leaving each customer 100% satisfied. Your indoor air quality is our business.